About the project

Project plan

The main activities are divided in seven Work Packages (WP’s). Each WP has its own tasks and deliverables. WP1 will coordinate the consortium and keep an overview on the project progress and deliverables and assessing the performance of the WP objectives and activities. WP2 will focus on outbreak detection and pandemic preparedness to prepare on EU level an organized and timely cross-border response for future health crisis. WP3 focuses on integrating hospital data into public health surveillance system across the EU. WP4 focuses on One Health with the aim to integrate the infectious disease data from the veterinary and environmental domains with public health surveillance for proactive signaling of potential zoonotic threats. WP5 will evaluate the progress of the JA. It will provide interim reports to learn and improve tasks during the process, and a final report that will feed into the final WP on sustainability. Both interim and final reports will feed into the WP on dissemination to share the findings. WP6 is on dissemination and raising awareness on pandemics. WP7 will work on sustainability by developing a Roadmap to implementation of integrated surveillance and the main and overall project outcome.

Several transversal activities across the core WPs will identify the needs, digital health, integration of (inter)national policies and pilot potential solutions. The choice of the countries for the pilots depends on their desired level of engagement, as well as the status of the monitored diseases within the country. The outcomes and experiences are shared between the Member States to mutually learn.

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