About the project


Representing 24 countries (and 40 institutes) in Europe, UNITED4Surveillance gathers expertise in public health, (clinical) microbiology, epidemiology and data science. Its efforts extend across the domains of public health, animal health and environmental health, thus creating a strong network of integrated surveillance for infectious disease prevention and control.

The coordination of the consortium has different layers to ensure a robust management system towards the objectives of the project. This Joint Action is coordinated by RIVM (the Netherlands). Together with the Coordinator, the Work Package Leaders and co-leaders (RKI, SSI, THL, RIVM, FHI, CIPH and NVSC) will act as Steering Committee (SC) for the daily operational activities. And last, the whole group of partners forms the General Assembly (GA) which is the ultimate decision body.

The SC will be supported by an External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) can advise the project on, for example, the strategic vision and activities; scientific advice on the deliverables; or ethical issues and legal aspects.


The governing layer is the general assembly (GA) represented by one representative per partner. The managing layer consists of the Steering Committee (SC) and External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB). The performing layers consists of all work packages.
Governance structure of UNITED4Surveillance.

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